focus on early detection of cancer screening

Teacher’s wellness is an intricate part of creating a healthy school. Teachers are the makers of the future and their emotions and stress levels directly influence the student’s academic growth. It is of utmost importance to look after the mentor of tomorrow. As we know the nation’s progress depends on today’s children. A cancer screening camp helps in cancer control plans and improves cancer prevention and treatment.

How a teacher influences a school's development?

A teacher’s well-being is an important part of the overall health of a school. A teacher’s wellness has been linked not only to the teacher’s health but also to the stability in a school. A student’s academic growth depends on an efficient teacher. Thus, a teacher and a student are interconnected with the learning process and its outcome.

Why is cancer screening camp for teachers an important step?

The cancer screening camp for teachers’ aids in the early detection of cancer and increases the chances of recovery. A healthy teacher can perform to the best of their ability and bring out a better outcome from students. But if the teacher’s health deteriorates then it may directly affect their ability to teaching and also controlling a classroom.

A later stage of cancer may result in prolonged leave in a bid to recover. An early detection encourages positive wellbeing and results in fast recovery. Teacher’s absence from school may not just affect student’s progression but also puts an extra load of financial pressure on school authority as they need to hire extra teachers to make sure that the school runs properly.

The same may create budget constraint and remain a constant worry. Moreover, the repercussions on teaching and learning incurred by substitute teachers may lack building a personal relationship with the students and hamper the academic growth of students due to time constraints.

How a healthy teacher influences a student's overall growth?

  • A healthy teacher promotes a positive school environment.
  • Puts an impact on students’ wellness.
  • Provide high quality and effective teaching.
  • Increases students’ academic progression.
  • Benefits of teachers’ cancer screening camp:

    Early detection of cancer through screening and diagnosis significantly improves patient survival rates along with the quality of life. It further reduces the financial burden and complexity of cancer treatment.

    A study on cervical cancer among rural women for a 5-year survival rate was 9% at stage IV and 78% at stage I. So, we can see how the early detection of cancer impacts survival chances.

    A teacher’s wellness plays an integral part in a school's development and also benefits children academically. Teachers’ health problem may flare up their anxieties and put an adverse effect on the academic progression of children. Through this cancer screening camp, the stigma associated with cancer can be broken.

    The good well-being of a teacher influences better outcomes from students. A healthy teacher helps to avoid spending on substitute teachers, their recruitment costs, and also students’ academic growth remains uncompromised.

    How school authorities are acting responsibly to create a healthy environment in school?

    By arranging early detection of cancer screening camp they are spreading awareness not only among teachers and staff but also towards students. The changing attitude towards teacher’s well-being has escalated in recent years. Nowadays, schools are more supportive and responsible for a teacher’s wellness.

    Through these changes, a teacher's well-being is more emphasized and companies are well equipped through the latest devices for cancer screening and thus reduces social stigma and improve awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer.

    The latest device used for screening is radiation-free, without any incision or physical contact, and is Artificial Intelligence enabled which works on thermal image processing and machine learning algorithms.